Laughter Yoga




When was the last time you had a really good laugh?

Have you ever laughed for absolutely no reason?

Today, most adults have lost that joy of youthful abandon that our children have. We have been told over the years that there are so many places that you have to be quiet, and cannot laugh, that we just forget about LAUGHING! We forget that laughing is wonderful and that it makes us feel good.

We look for reasons to laugh. We watch funny movies, go to a comedy club, even drinking too much alcohol makes us laugh. This type of laughter is temporary. Once you remove the situation, you no longer laugh.

Recent research has revealed that laughter has numerous health benefits. Laughter:

  • Reduces high blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • Boosts the immune system and oxygenates the blood
  • Lowers levels of stress hormones and increases endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killers
  • Decreases blood sugar
  • Lowers risk of heart attacks by as much as 40%
  • Decreases anxiety and depression.
  • Most importantly, it just makes you feel GOOD!

Laughter Yoga is based on the principle that we are here to enjoy life. The basic premise of laughter yoga is the idea of “pranayama” or controlled breathing. When we laugh, we take in much more oxygen. When we have more oxygen, our body functions better. When we laugh in a group, laughter is contagious and becomes effortless. We cannot think and laugh at the same time. Everything that bothers us just disappears. We feel joy. The more we do this, the more we bring joy and happiness and health into our lives.

I am a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and if you are interested in joining me in a laughter yoga session, please contact me and I would be happy to let you know when my next session is.
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