Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight LossWeight LossWeight Loss

My passion is helping people with weight loss through a healthy lifestyle. I don't believe in diets, I believe in "embracing health" and the weight loss will surprise you. 

Feel good, look good & lose weight

I will teach you how small changes will lead to massive gains; better sleep, more energy, alertness, glowing skin and weight loss.  

My journey is not unlike yours. I was overweight, had brain fog and was on medication. I spent years studying natural remedies, worked with a holistic healer, went back to school to earn my degree in health coaching, today I coach NFL cheerleaders, executives, soccer moms and people just like you. 

I want to help you realize your dreams

Love, Rebecca "Health Coach Diva"

Why use a health coach for weight loss

weight loss through better health - What you will learn



I love  to cook, that's good because I love to eat. Eating the right foods allows you nourish your body, help it heal and maintain / lose weight. I will teach you simple tricks to make your food taste great and healthier.

Custom Programs


Everyone is unique...I will craft a weight loss program that is designed for you. Sleep strategies, easy exercises, foods that give you energy, foods that help with metabolism and importantly foods that taste good. 

Common Questions


How do I shop for healthier foods? 

What is organic?

What is a GMO?

What ingredients should I avoid? How can I get my family to eat healthy? 

Exercise is just one part


I often hear, I exercise regularly but can't lose weight. Yes, what you eat (not necessarily the calories) will lead to weight gain. What if you could eat more and lose weight - I can show you how.

Holidays should be fun


I love the holidays, in the past I just thought that holiday weight gain was normal - not true. Today I go to parties, I just choose the right things to can too.

Why a health coach?


Why use an accountant or a financial planner?  Because they know more than you do. As a health coach I will teach you the skills you need to be healthy and lose weight and the best part  you will have them for a lifetime to share with your loved ones. 

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